Dermatological Benefits

mt_nonePeriodical observation of freckles (number and area) and wrinkles in eye angle (length and area) was conducted with Robo Skin Analyzer.*

*Robo Skin Analyzer is a camera-equipped electronic device that performs visual assessment and computerized processing of a person''s skin condition. When taking Oligonol, it was possible to observe an improvement tendency in freckles and eye angle.

Subjects: 17 women between 26 and 60 years old
Dose: One capsule of 100 mg twice a day; open label
Evaluation: Using a Robo Skin Analyzer CS50 (Inforward Co., Ltd.), skin condition was observed three times: before starting, 4 weeks after and 12 weeks after (at the end of the study). A questionnaire survey was conducted before and after the study.


As a result it was possible to observe an improving tendency in the subjects'' skin condition. Considering a 10% or higher reduction of pigmentary deposit area as a improvement tendency, there was an improvement in 29% of the cases (5 subjects out of 17). Considering a 10% or higher reduction of the wrinkle area as improving tendency, there was improvement in 47% of cases (8 subjects out of 17). Results were more visible in participants over 40 years old.

UV Protection Effect

Exposure to the sun''s ultraviolet (UV) light generates reactive oxygen species (ROS) that induce activation of tyrosinase that triggers generation of melanin, and production of the pigment that gives color to skin. Freckles are accumulations of melanin that is produced by melanocytes. Active oxygen also induces damage of collagen and elastin cross link in the mid-dermal layer reducing the tension between cells and consequently producing wrinkles.

Results of the studies have been presented at symposiums and scientific journals around the world.


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